ABC Issues a Key Vote on Amendment To Support Small and Midsize Businesses in COVID-19 Legislation

ABC issued a key vote to the Senate on an                amendment                submitted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.). The amendment would have replaced the mandated paid leave requirements of the House-passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act that affect employers with fewer than 500 employees with unemployment insurance capped at $1000 per week.  ABC believes this would be a more effective way to provide immediate relief for those employees and families affected by the coronavirus.

The Senate set a 60-vote threshold for the passage of any amendments to the bill. Unfortunately, the Johnson amendment failed by a vote of 50-48. The final bill with the paid leave requirements included passed the Senate by a vote of 90-8 and will be signed into law by President Trump.

Senate Republicans have proposed Phase Three of the response to COVID-19 that would provide a critical lifeline for small and midsize businesses and look to pass the legislation by next week. ABC will continue to advocate for critical support for our nation’s construction businesses.