ABC Recognizes Chapters With Association Excellence Awards

ABC has announced the winners of the 2019 Association Excellence Awards, which annually recognizes chapter achievements in membership growth and retention, STEP participation and more. The CEO Award, which recognizes top performance in progress towards strategic goals and balanced scorecard metrics, went to the ABC Pelican Chapter.

The ABC Western Washington Chapter won the STEP Chairman’s Award for the highest percentage of contractor members achieving STEP Diamond or Platinum status, and the Greater Houston Chapter won the AQC Award for the most AQC members.

ABC chapters have continued to excel in increasing contractor membership. They maintained a overall retention rate of 87%, and four out of eight regions experienced major growth. Three dozen of ABC’s 69 chapters honored for growing membership.

See the complete list of winning chapters, including: 

  • Outstanding Membership Retention Awards - presented to chapters that achieved 90% or higher retention in 2019
  • Membership Growth Awards - chapters that ended 2019 with more members than they had in 2018
  • Membership Goal Awards - chapters that hit their 2019 goal for number of members
  • Charles A. Mullan Awards - Named in honor of ABC founder Charles Mullan, the Mullan Award celebrates one chapter in each of 10 divisions with highest national dues revenue growth over previous year.

Chapters must also achieve net membership growth in order to win in their division.

  • STEP Awards recognize the chapters with the highest member STEP participation in each region.

In lieu of an in-person awards program, which would have been presented at ABC Convention 2020, all chapter winners were mailed plaques and were recognized in this congratulatory video from 2019 Chair Tony Rader.