Director of Governmental Affairs (North Carolina/South Carolina)


Position Title:   Director of Governmental Affairs  
Location:           North Carolina/South Carolina
Reports to: President/CEO
Status: Full-time, Exempt, Salaried


TO APPLY: Applicants should send a cover letter with salary requirements, resume and references via e-mail to [email protected].

ABC will continually strive to be the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry. ABC will promote and defend the merit shop philosophy. This philosophy encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach to construction based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

Primary Responsibilities

Develop, implement, and manage a comprehensive government affairs program including, but not limited too, legislative advocacy, Political Action Committee & Free Enterprise Alliance fundraising efforts and grassroots relationship building among Chapter members and state and local government officials. Collaborate with other ABC Carolina team members in supporting our local Councils to gain their support regarding the Governmental Affairs program.  Oversee these programs and provide recommendations to assigned Governmental Affairs Committee and President which would achieve the Chapter’s purpose, goals, and strategic plan. Serve as the primary spokesperson for the merit shop construction industry within the executive branch, general assembly and administrative agencies and local departments across for North Carolina and South Carolina.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Research issues and draft chapter positions for review by the Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Identify and prioritize the chapter’s legislative agenda with the assistance of the Government Affairs Committees.
  • Communicate chapter’s positions to members, legislators, and regulators on the local, state and federal level as appropriate.
  • Prepare testimony on legislative and regulatory issues and recruit members to testify before state and local governments, as necessary.
  • Identify legislation pertinent to ABC members, the industry and the Merit Shop Philosophy and bring it to the attention of the Governmental Affairs Committees.

North Carolina and South Carolina PAC/FEA

  • Fully understand all laws and rules governing the ABC PAC as well as NC and SC PAC and ABC National FEA programs at the state and federal levels and all changes thereto.  Is accountable to ensure the Chapter is in full compliance with the same at all times.  Advise the Chapter President/CEO, government affairs committees and the Board of Directors Executive Committees on all potential issues regarding the Chapter PAC and FEA programs.
  • Work with Government Affairs/PAC Committee(s) to develop fundraising activities focusing on achieving annual fundraising goals for PAC/FEA.
  • Expand participation of ABC of Carolinas members for ABC PAC/FEA.
  • Attend candidate fundraisers as directed and approved by the President.
  • Work with state and federal level candidates on ABC PAC contributions.
  • Timely distribution of ABC PAC badges to members after their PAC commitments are made.


  • Educate members on the importance of a strong grassroots networking system, including contact with elected officials.
  • Develop and implement programs designed to encourage interaction between elected officials, the chapter and our members to discuss legislative issues.
  • Coordinate, plan and execute the ABC of Carolinas Hard Hat Legislative Days in North and South Carolina and ABC of Carolinas member involvement in the ABC National Legislative Conference and drive higher levels of participation in each.
  • Encourage companies to register employees to vote and get involved in the political process using the ABC National Toolbox Talks.
  • Develop a public relations and press program.  Train for such external PR & press contact via ABC National. Contact reporters to educate them on issues of immediate concern. Develop op-ed pieces, press releases, and letters to the editor.


Essential Functions

  • Develop and implement, in coordination with Membership Directors, workshops and seminars to educate members on legal issues, labor issues, and regulatory matters that affect their business.
  • Work with President/CEO in fielding calls from members with legal, legislative, union, PLA, licensing, or other issues.
  • Facilitate submittal of member applications for funding from the Construction Legal Rights Foundation.
  • Keep legislators and ABC of Carolinas member databases to date.
  • Report state legislative activity to ABC National’s Political Manager.
  • Create or join coalitions to promote merit shop construction. Get to know government affairs staff from other groups with similar missions to develop working relationships.
  • During legislative session, prepare a weekly report for the President and members on all legislative matters of importance.
  • Provide monthly report of activities to the President and to the Board of Directors.

Other Duties

  • Provide the necessary staff support to assigned committees and assure that committee decisions and recommendations are forwarded to the President/CEO.
  • Implement a legislative tracking & member communication system during session.
  • Monitor political scene and attend political events important to our chapter.
  • Participate in local meetings of municipalities to promote the merit shop and open competition.
  • Stay abreast of industry issues and member news.
  • Write articles for chapter social media as required.
  • Attend and assist in all ABC general meeting and events in coordination with other staff
  • From time to time perform other duties as assigned by the President/CEO
  • Travel may be required with overnights including national conferences

Committees Staffed

  • Government Affairs Oversight Committees for NC & SC (primary)
  • PAC & FEA Committees
  • Council Governmental Affairs Committees/Representatives