ABC: Newly Confirmed Members Threaten NLRB’s Role as Neutral Arbiter of the Law

WASHINGTON, July 29—Following the U.S. Senate's confirmation of President Biden’s nominees to serve as members of the National Labor Relations Board, Associated Builders and Contractors issued the following statement:

“Throughout their careers, David Prouty and Gwynne Wilcox represented some of the largest union organizations in the country and their campaigns against employers and small businesses, raising serious concerns of conflicts of interest as members of the NLRB, as was evident during their Senate testimony,” said ABC Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs Kristen Swearingen. “Despite both of their professional ties to the Service Employees International Union, they refused to commit to recusing themselves from SEIU-related cases before the board. 

"NLRB members should serve as neutral arbiters of the law, analyzing cases or circumstances in question based on their own merits," said Swearingen. "With the potential for a host of serious issues facing the NLRB and the Biden administration looking to enact disastrous labor policies, like those in the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, through the labor board and other federal agencies, ABC remains concerned of the negative impact these members could have on our nation’s small businesses in the construction industry.”

On July 28, the U.S. Senate confirmed David Prouty by a vote of 53-46 and Gwynne Wilcox by a vote of 52-47 to serve as members of the NLRB.