Suspected Arsonist Destroys ABC Indiana Chapter's Trailer

A semitrailer owned by the ABC Indiana Chapter and ABC member Gaylor, Inc. was destroyed by fire Sept. 11, and arson is suspected. 

On the side of the trailer was a message which read, “78 percent of Indiana’s construction workers choose not to be union.” 

Located on private property near Interstate 69 in Anderson, the semitrailer was set on fire around midnight, but was extinguished by the Chesterfield Union Township Fire Department. Hours later, the trailer was reportedly set on fire again and was completely gutted. 

Fire investigators believe someone used an accelerant to start the fire inside the trailer. No one was injured in the blaze, but electrical equipment inside the trailer was destroyed. 

“Authorities say they have every reason to believe that the fire was intentionally set,” said ABC Indiana Executive Vice President Martha Bracken.