STEP Payment Administration

Transactions Type Number of Transactions Total
Credit Cards 1902 514600.0000
Checks 249 39380.0000
Total 553980.0000
Total Num of Transactions: 5498
Award Level Total Number Awarded
Diamond 583
Platinum 1118
Gold 1681
Silver 1836
Bronze 98
Participant 32

PaymentIDMaster CusIDCompany NameAward LevelPayment TypeName On CCExtra Framed CertsTotal Framed CertsExtra Unframed CertsTotal Unframed CertsTotal PaymentTransaction Date
7516C19260503Casey Construction Group, LLCGOLDCREDIT CARDChristopher Velez001215.00007/18/2018 1:06:23 PM
7515C19984991Anthony T. Rinaldi, LLCDIAMONDCREDIT CARDAnthony T. Rinaldi2300535.00007/17/2018 4:39:40 PM
7514C19222822Walker Engineering, Inc.PLATINUMCREDIT CARDScott Sears4500435.00007/17/2018 4:18:55 PM
7513C19258796Ford Construction Co., Inc.BRONZENONEN/A00010.00007/17/2018 3:56:47 PM
7512C19938768Gypsum Systems, Inc.GOLDNONEN/A00010.00007/17/2018 3:50:40 PM
7511C12541American Asphalt CompanyGOLDNONEN/A00010.00007/17/2018 1:35:55 PM
7510C10021300Hamer Electric, Inc.GOLDNONEN/A00020.00007/17/2018 12:22:42 PM
7509C19216216Wagner General Contractors IncDIAMONDCREDIT CARDSandra Wright0100435.00007/17/2018 11:06:53 AM
750820001658Utilities Service Co. IncSILVERNONEN/A00010.00007/17/2018 10:42:55 AM
7507C1969J. Vinton Schafer & Sons, Inc.PLATINUMCREDIT CARDDebbie German0100235.00007/17/2018 10:17:41 AM