Green Globes® certification guides projects to save money, conserve energy and water use, use sustainable materials and create healthy indoor environments. It is a cost-effective system for designing, constructing and operating high-performance interiors, buildings and facilities.

Green Globes certification is ideal for contractor-led design-build projects and for giving the contractor a greater understanding of sustainable design and construction measures. The program has modules supporting new construction (Green Globes for New Construction), existing buildings (Green Globes for Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings), existing health care buildings (Green Globes CIEB for Healthcare), and interiors (Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors).

Here’s how you can benefit from being Green Globe certified:

1. It helps you save money
Green Globes has no costly prerequisites. While the certification requires the building to earn a minimum of 35% of the 1,000 points available, building owners and managers get to decide which sustainable measure will serve the building and its occupants best. This puts you in the position to help your clients ensure the sustainability measures they are implementing are the most cost-effective options for their particular project. 

2. It can improve your clients’ business
Green Globes-certified buildings cost less to operate because they reduce energy and water bills and encourage recycling. In addition, by demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable construction and operations, a company or organization may be able to attract and retain key talent, generate favorable publicity, and create a better impression on stakeholders.

3. It provides quality assurance 
Third-party certification provides transparency and documentation that the design and construction process has delivered what the building owner or project developer specified. The certification also encourages marketplace visibility by providing tangible recognition, which can be integrated into the story of a building or facility. 

How it Works
Through a dynamic, web-based questionnaire, the project team is guided through the Green Globes rating system that provides a clear picture of how many points the project will achieve. Project teams are also assigned a Green Globes Assessor—who is either an experienced architect, engineer or facility management professional—to advise the team and answer any questions. At the end of the process, the assessor comes onsite and meets with the building team, issues a written report and confirms the number of points that your project has earned. The GBI will do one last quality assurance check and will issue the final certification.

Contractors who are interested in participating in the Green Globe Certification process can try it free for 30 days before making any financial commitment. For more information, contact GBI senior sales representatives, Andy Rocker or Mark Lesher, at 503-274-0448, or [email protected]/[email protected].

ABC National’s headquarters office in Washington, D.C., was named one of the first buildings to be certified under its new Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors (SI) program.

This article was written by Jerry Yudelson, Green Building Initiative president.