Is completing the ABC PAC Prior Authorization Form voluntary?
Absolutely. Your ABC membership will in no way be affected by completing or not completing the form.

Why should my company complete the form?
Associated Builders and Contractors sponsors a federal political action committee, ABC PAC. Its purpose is to work within the federal election process to further the goals of the association through direct involvement in supporting and opposing candidates for the Office of President, United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. This is accomplished through educating its members on the importance of political activism through the financial support of pro business candidates.

In order for eligible individuals to participate in ABC PAC, federal election law requires their employer (if a corporate ABC member company) first give approval. This approval is granted when the company’s ABC primary contact signs the ABC PAC Prior Authorization Form on behalf of his or her company. Once this has been completed, ABC PAC can speak in detail about its benefits and accept or solicit a contribution from the executive and administrative employees of the member companies that have granted prior authorization.

Who at my company is considered the primary contact?
The primary contact is the individual who has the most regular interaction with the association.

Why are six years listed under the signature fields?
Answer: Member companies can grant up to six years of prior authorization by signing on top of the respective year(s). This alleviates the primary contact from having to sign the form each year should they choose to sign all six years.

Can my company grant prior authorization to other trade association PACs?
Federal election law states that a corporate member company of a trade association can only give prior authorization to one trade association PAC per year. By including this language on the form, ABC PAC is doing its best effort and due diligence to keep its members in compliance.

If my company completes the form, are we billed for our participation or required to make a contribution?
Absolutely not. Federal PACs are not permitted to accept corporate contributions. All personal contributions to ABC PAC from eligible donors are voluntary. Individuals may refuse to contribute without reprisal.