Executing on ABC’s commitment to world-class performance on jobsites requires ABC member contractors to continuously innovate. To be a top performer in safety and win and deliver more work, contractors need to keep their fingers on the pulse of innovation. ABC provides its members numerous resources on technology and innovation to help them build the workforce of the future. This includes the inaugural Tech Report, the annual ABC Safety Performance Report, the Tech Alliance, construction technology education, the Tech Marketplace and more.

The technology survey was conducted from March through May 2021. The response rate was .88% of all ABC contractor members. The data was analyzed by the Construction Technology and Innovation staff, as well as members of the Construction Technology and Innovation Committee.

These tools provide leaders with a roadmap to understand how technology and innovation can help their businesses.

Michael Bellaman, President and Chief Executive Officer Associated Builders and Contractors

Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC is a transformational leader in advancing excellence in the construction industry. Our strategic focus includes helping our members to achieve world-class safety and deliver state-of-the-art education and career opportunities for the industry's talent so they can accomplish their career dreams.

In order to compete based on merit in a fair and open competitive environment, our members have to present the most robust value proposition to their clients.

ABC has invested in our construction technology and innovation strategy to help our members select the best construction technology available to them. This effort will, in turn, create the conditions for construction companies to innovate, differentiate, attract and educate their top talent and ultimately win and deliver their work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work.

Matt Abeles, Vice President, Construction Technology and Innovation, Associated Builders and Contractors

I am confident the 2021 ABC Tech Report will help you on your journey to innovation.

Please feel free to share the report widely with your teammates, specialty contractors, clients and competitors. If we choose to lead, if we choose to commit and if we choose to innovate, together we will create the conditions for all to do their work without incident, be more profitable and win more work.