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Design-Build Model Contracts

Design-Build Model Contracts that benefit all members of the design and construction community.

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on individual contract purchases and a 20% discount on a complete set of DBIA documents.

The DBIA family of contractual forms have been in use for over a decade and were completely updated and revised in 2010. A standard form Teaming Agreement and Design Sub-Consultant agreement were added in March of 2012. DBIA documents allow for quick and economical customization by the parties. DBIA forms encourage DBIA best practices by:


  • Using plain language.
  • Recognizing the need for flexibility, by providing parties with alternative language within the document
  • Allocating risk to the participant best able to manage it in the most cost effective manner.
  • Addressing scope of work within a comprehensive framework that ensures owner and design-builder expectations are closely aligned.

The owner’s use of prescriptive specifications in project criteria is dealt with in a manner consistent with recent case law. Moreover, exhibits pertaining to sustainable design, building information modeling and electronic data handling round out this new edition of DBIA Contract Documents.

Members must enter the following codes when placing an order to receive the discounts above, which DBIA will verify against the approved ABC member list:

  • "832Y" for individual contract purchases
  • "833Y" for complete set purchases

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AIA Contract Documents - The Industry Standard

Extensive suite of over 100 contract documents that address the full spectrum of design and construction projects - large and small.

ABC members now have access to the following benefits:
  • 10% off new AIA Contract Documents software purchases
  • 10% off AIA Contract Documents software renewals
  • Access to over 100+ documents including: Contractor/Subcontractor Agreements & Forms, Owner/Contractor Agreements, Application and Certificate for Payment, and Change Order forms
  • Highly-experienced, dedicated support for both software and document questions and issues
  • Access to document and reference training material including FAQs, guides, videos and commentaries to download free of charge


Visit AIA Contract Documents or call 800-942-7732.
Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee

Documents published by the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC®) specifically written for infrastructure projects.

Members receive a 20% discount on EJCDC® Documents that:
  • Are created and peer-reviewed by experienced industry experts
  • Reduce conflicts and litigation
  • Contain balanced and fair provisions
  • Are published in user-friendly MS Word format and easily customizable

A select group of EJCDC documents have been pre-approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use on projects funded by the Rural Utility Service.

Members must enter the code "ABCA" when placing an order to receive the discount, which EJCDC will verify against the approved ABC member list.

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ConsensusDOCS - Construction Contracts Built by Consensus

A comprehensive catalog of 100+ contracts for use by designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, and surety firms.

ABC members are entitled to at least a 20% discount on all ConsensusDocs purchases.

More than 100 ConsensusDocs design and construction contracts are available
  • 24/7 Access - Access your documents anytime from anywhere via our new secure cloud - based system.
  • Easy to Edit - If you know how to use MS Word®, you know how to customize ConsensusDocs contracts.
  • Easy to Collaborate - Invite anyone to collaborate on your contract for free - you control editing rights.
  • Create Favorites - Create "Favorites" from ConsensusDocs contracts that have been modified to meet your unique needs.
  • Convert & Compare - Upload and convert your own documents. Easily see changes from one document version to another.
  • Free Guidance - User instructions are embedded within the contracts and reference the free ConsensusDocs Guidebook.

Members must enter the following code, "ABC100", when placing an order to receive the discount, which ConsensusDocs will verify against the approved ABC member list.

View Catalog and Purchase ConsensusDocsCDC

CMAA - Advancing Professional Construction and Program Management Worldwide

The comprehensive contract model for today's Construction Manager At-Risk is now available at your fingertips.

ABC members can now enjoy the following benefits:
  • 10 percent off of new CMAA At-Risk Model Contract Documents.
  • Access to Construction Manager At-Risk Model Contract Documents in hard copy, to pick up and go wherever you do.
  • Access to Construction Manager At-Risk Model Contract Documents in Word, to modify and tailor to your needs.
  • Members must enter the code, "ABC-PUBS," in order to receive the discount, which CMAA will verify against the approved ABC member list.

Visit the CMAA Bookstore or call 703-356-2622

*ABC has made these program discounts available to members so they can choose which contract document program is right for them. ABC does not give legal advice to members on contract document issues and recommends that its members carefully evaluate any particular contract document on the basis of what is most suitable for their individual needs.