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ABC’s Top Performers lists recognize ABC member contractors’ achievements in safety, quality, diversity and project excellence ranked by work hours, with special designations identified.

The listings highlight contractors that have earned ABC’s Accredited Quality Contractor credential for their commitment to corporate responsibility in quality, safety, talent management—including inclusion, diversity and merit—education and community relations; those that won national Excellence in Construction,® Safety Excellence and Inclusion, Diversity and Merit Excellence awards; and those that hold designations awarded to diverse companies to help procure work from government and private entities.

Through STEP, AQC and other robust ABC programs, ABC Top Performers demonstrate they:

  • Sustain and grow their businesses, financially and economically
  • Offer market-competitive compensation, benefit and retirement packages
  • Commit to industry-leading safety
  • Commit to workforce development, education and creating career opportunities
  • Commit to an inclusive and diverse work environment
  • Develop opportunities for their employees to achieve their career dreams
  • Cultivate committed leadership
ABC’s 2024 Top Performers Listings Are Presented by These ABC Strategic Partners


The 2024 lists identify the top 250 performers, top general contractors, top trade contractors, top electrical contractors, top plumbing/HVAC contractors, top specialty contractors and top performers by market, all of which have earned the elite AQC credential. The top performers with special designations achieved STEP Gold or higher in 2023 and hold one or more special designations.

How Can You Become an ABC Top Performer?

Group 31479 AQC STEP

To be eligible, Top Performers demonstrated industry-leading safety performance by achieving Gold status or higher in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System, which makes the top-performing contractors nearly seven times safer than the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average, according to ABC’s Safety Performance Report. The Top Performers were ranked by size based on the number of hours worked in 2022, as reported in their 2023 self-assessments.

Group 31490

STEP is the foundation for all ABC members that excel in safety. STEP is a self-assessment of your company’s commitment to health and safety with six qualification levels. Achieving Gold level or higher makes you eligible to apply for the Accredited Quality Contractor credential.

Extra Points:
Participating in STEP earns you extra points on your Excellence in Construction Awards entries. EIC is the premier competition within the construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects and contractors across the nation.

Additional Benefits:
Achieving STEP Gold or above provides you the opportunity to apply for a National Safety Excellence Award. The NSEA represents a level of achievement in the field of safety that is unrivaled in the construction industry. There are three levels of achievement in the NSEA competition—the Merit, Excellence and Pinnacle awards.

Group 31489

When your company achieves STEP Gold or higher, you can apply for the AQC credential.
AQC is one of the most notable recognitions in the construction industry, signaling that your company excels in quality, safety, talent management and diversity, education and community relations.

Extra Points:
Earning the AQC credential earns you extra points on your Excellence in Construction Awards entries. EIC is the premier competition within the construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects and contractors across the nation.

Foundation for ABC’s IDM Excellence Awards:
Qualifying for AQC is an important part of diversity excellence. The National Inclusion, Diversity and Merit Excellence Awards recognize members that display exemplary inclusion, diversity and merit leadership in their company, workforce, supply chain and community by best-in-class recruitment policies, retention practices and training and mentoring programs.

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Top Performers stand out from the competition, enjoying:

  • Promotion to project owners across all industries at the annual ABC Users Summit
  • Coverage in dozens of outlets in construction, business and local media, plus template news releases and social media posts that honorees can use in their own communications and on ABC’s social media platforms
  • Featured placement on and, ABC’s member referral website
  • Recognition at ABC’s national events throughout the year
  • Access to Top Performers-branded apparel, plaques and promotional items in the ABC Store

Proud To Be a Top Performer?
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