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"The Nissan program has been great. I have nearly paid my ABC dues with the discounts I received from Nissan. Our chapter has even recruited a new member just based on this program. Bottom line – it is easy to use and it really saves money."

-Jennifer Jezek, President & CEO
York Electronic Systems Inc.
2017 Chair, ABC of Oklahoma
"I personally buy a new vehicle every three years for work, and it was great to be able to take advantage of the GM discount again at the dealership, because my company is an ABC member."

-Steve Klessig, Vice President of Architecture and Engineering
Keller, Inc.
2019 Secretary and Midwest Region Vice Chair
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Save Money With Exclusive Discounts From ABC's Business Partners

ABC members can take advantage of Business Discounts with ABC's Business Partners.  Employees of member companies can also take advantage of discounts for personal use under the Employee Discounts section.

ABC's Member Discount Program delivered more than $34 million in member savings in 2018

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Business Discounts