Meet The Contractors Plan

The Contractors Plan

The Contractors Plan helps contractors compete for, win, and stay compliant on prevailing wage jobs by offering bona-fide fringe benefits.  

With over 30 years of expertise in meeting the stringent requirements of local, state and federal prevailing wage laws, including the Davis-Bacon Act, we are dedicated to helping ABC contractors compete by providing comprehensive health and retirement benefit solutions.

Our advanced proprietary technology is flexible and easy-to-use reducing the challenges of offering benefits to a geographically dispersed variable hour skilled labor force. Employee engagement and enrollment are simplified through a single-source integrated benefits portal for viewing fringe contributions and allocations to individual benefits, including retirement, medical, HRA, dental and other employee benefits.

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ABC Preferred Pricing

The Contractors Plan has been an ABC Business Partner since 2009. ABC members receive preferred pricing and other exclusive advantages, including:

  • No retirement plans set-up fees 
  • No retirement plan annual fees for the 1st year
  • Enhanced levels of service & support

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ACA & Healthcare Reform

The Contractors Plan can help you understand how to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. We created various tools such as our ACA Calculator to help you understand who needs coverage and information about what the ACA means to contractors on our Healthcare Reform page. Every situation is unique and we look forward to discussing benefits strategies that will fit your needs. Whether you need a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) fully insured major medical or a self-funded health plan we have it all.

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AQC Employee Benefits

The Contractors Plan is proud to be the exclusive national sponsor of the Accredited Quality Contractor program. AQC publicly recognizes and honors ABC member firms for their commitment to five key areas of corporate responsibility: Quality (30 points), Safety (20 points), Training (20 points), Employee Benefits (15 points), Community Relations (10 points) and Management Engagement (5 points). 

 Your company’s employee benefits program will account for 15% of the AQC application score - let us help. We will provide a comprehensive review of your employee benefits program at no cost to ensure it will exceed the requirements of AQC.

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Brokers & Agents

The Contractors Plan works with hundreds of agents, brokers and consultants across the country and new firms are being appointed each day.

We partner with producers, especially ABC Associate Members, who can help bring our prevailing wage expertise and proprietary benefits technology to contractors. We will work with you and your client to understand what is currently offered and identify opportunities to improve benefits, reduce costs and ensure DOL, ERISA and regulatory compliance. 

Our administrative platform is unique in two key ways: it is specifically designed for contractors and we have integrated all employee benefits, including retirement plans, into a single unified system for enrollment, eligibility management, employee, employer & fringe contributions, allocation tracking, and more. We look forward to discussing your client’s needs and demonstrating the solutions we offer.

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Online Videos

The Contractors Plan has created a suite of online videos to help explain our capabilities, these include videos for:

How It All Works
Payroll Savings
The Online Portal
TotalFringe - Health & Retirement
Retirement Loan Program
Hour Banking Health Benefits
Compliance Support
Total Benefits Solution

The Contractors Plan makes it easy to put fringe benefit dollars into bona fide benefits rather than cash wages to help you submit leaner bids, win more jobs and save on payroll taxes and insurance costs. Our unique solution integrates all employee benefits, including both health and retirement plans, on a single enrollment, eligibility and financial management platform. We offer clients a Complete Solution that is designed to be easy to use, flexible, keeps you compliant with local, state and federal laws and fiscally smart.
  • Retirement plans
  • Medical benefits (self-funded and fully insured)
  • HRAs and spending accounts
  • Life Insurance and AD&D 
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Accident
  • Indemnity & Gap Insurance
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