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Tradesmen International became an ABC National Strategic Partner in 2014 with the goal of helping contractor members meet skilled workforce requirements, increase workforce productivity and reduce labor-related costs through custom staffing solutions.

The company has met the skilled labor requirements of commercial, residential and industrial merit shop contractors for 30 years.  During that time, Tradesmen has remained focused purely on the skilled trades. This ongoing emphasis, coupled with continual advances in their employee recruitment, development and retention efforts, has resulted in one of the construction industry’s leading craft workforces which now exceeds 10,000 employees who emphasize Safety, Productivity and Craftsmanship.  

Tradesmen’s National Recruiting Center – comprised of experienced recruitment and employee relations professionals – has fortified the company’s vast field recruiting operations, supporting the ongoing effort to combat industry-wide skilled workforce shortages.  Together, the center and local office recruiters have grown Tradesmen’s job-ready skilled trade database, covering all trades at all skill levels, into the hundreds of thousands.  This depth of resources enables the company to better meet client workforce demand, on a precisely as needed basis, with fully vetted trade professionals who meet specific skill-sets.

The company’s exceptional craft fill-rate percentage on client orders is attributed to the fact that each service representative is thoroughly trained in “Construction Labor Management,” a proprietary curriculum centered on workforce productivity augmentation. Ultimately, reps engage actively in client labor planning sessions, working with client office and site management to better understand their short-and long-term skilled labor requirements. This close partnership enables Tradesmen to better meet an ever-fluctuating labor need by accurately reserving, in advance, trade professionals who meet project specifications. 

Tradesmen International is available in nearly 200 market areas and can effectively serve virtually every city in all fifty states and Canada through its localized craft employees and their substantial travel-dedicated workforce comprised of an elite force of commercial, heavy industrial and marine trade professionals.  

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Tradesmen is proud to be a member of over 60 ABC Chapters and the Primary Sponsor of ABC’s Craft Professional of the Year Award.     
Why Partner with tradesmen?

Tradesmen International is widely recognized as the industry’s premier source for contingent skilled craftsmen.  And while the company’s staffing service enables contractors of all sizes to combat labor shortage challenges and meet labor requirements with timely and proven trade professionals, it’s the consultative side of their business that has earned them the loyalty of thousands of ABC members across the country.

Tradesmen provides, at no cost to ABC members, Labor Productivity Consulting.  This service is designed to help contractors meet the following Six Key Business Objectives which, when met, will substantially increase overall profit margins:

1. Increase Workforce Productivity

2. Minimize Workers’ Comp Exposure and Costs

3. Gain Control Over Benefits Expenditures

4. Reduce SUTA/Unemployment Costs

5. Decrease Recruitment Costs and Challenges

6. Protect from Labor Legislation

Bonus Video - Tribute to American Workforce

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tribute to american workforce video

Tradesmen International is proud to be a part of the Merit Shop Construction Industry.  They produced the following video as a tribute to all construction workers –yesterday and today – who have played a role in building this great nation. 

As a company, Tradesmen is proud to employ thousands of skilled craft professionals who continue the tradition of trade excellence each and every day on ABC contractor jobsites all across America.

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