ABC and the Merit Shop Philosophy

Principles of the Merit Shop

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. is the voice of the merit shop in the construction industry. We accept the responsibility for making that voice heard. We believe the merit shop movement is a movement for the betterment of the individual... the construction industry... and the nation.

We believe in the system of free enterprise and open competition.

We believe employees and employers should have the right to determine wages and working conditions through either individual or collective bargaining, as they choose, within the boundaries of the law.

We believe the employer must have concern for the general welfare of the employee and that there must be a fair compensation for work performed. At the same time, we believe that the employee has an obligation for satisfactory performance of assigned work.

We support sound legislation in the areas of workers compensation, safety and unemployment compensation.

We believe legislation that embraces fair play for employer and employee is essential to the preservation of our free enterprise system.

We believe the law should protect the right of employees to work regardless of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin or membership or non-membership in a labor organization. We believe work opportunities should be made available to all legal residents and we support programs toward this end.

We oppose violence, coercion, intimidation and the denial of the rights of employees and employers.

We believe it is incumbent upon all branches of government to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and we believe that government should award contracts only to the lowest responsible bidder. We oppose unjust pressure to violate these principles.

We believe monopolies or any kind of price or wage fixing, in either the public or private sector, are detrimental to our system of free enterprise.

We believe the destiny of all Americans can be best served by cooperation, reconciliation and following the tenants of free enterprise and a democratic government. We believe business leaders can best preserve these tenets by becoming active in politics and civic affairs.

Purposes & Objectives

A.  The primary objective of this Association is to foster and perpetuate the principles of the Merit Shop, Open Competition and Free Enterprise as listed in Article I of our Bylaws.

B.  In addition to this primary objective, this Association shall pursue and promote the following activities:

  1. Encourage, develop and protect the construction industry.

  2. Promote confidence and goodwill within the building and construction industry and between this industry and the general public.

  3. Organize builders, general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers and related groups of all kinds into Chapters and organizations in order to encourage the free interchange of views and techniques and to facilitate the accomplishment of the primary objectives of the Association.

  4. Organize and promote meetings, seminars, conferences, publications and other media of all kinds in order to maintain a well-informed industry and general public.

  5. Promote and encourage continuing education, apprenticeship and other training programs for management and the crafts within the construction industry.

  6. Promote safety and training within the construction industry.

  7. Promote insurance, hospitalization, pension, training and other programs for the benefit of the general welfare of the employees of the Merit Shop industry.

  8. Promote the ABC Code of Ethics for the construction industry as provided in the ABC National Policy & Procedures Manual.

  9. Promote such other activities or services as may benefit the membership, further the objectives of ABC, and promote the principles of the Merit Shop, Open Competition and Free Enterprise.