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Steve Wiltshire
Director of Safety

Amy Faris
Manager of Safety Programs and Initiatives

Safety Deadlines

The 2018 STEP application closes December 15, 2018. Chapter deadlines for submission of STEP applications can be found here; chapter deadlines are to guarantee inclusion in your local ABC chapter's safety awards.

2018 National Safety Excellence Award
The application for the 2018 National Safety Excellence Award is closed. For any questions, please contact Amy Faris at

SPR 2018 Safer Than Graphic

Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP)   

Established in 1989, the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) serves as a benchmarking and improvement tool for achieving world-class safety performance in construction. Members measure their safety processes and policies on the 20 Key Components through a detailed questionnaire and learn to implement or enhance safety programs. 

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National Safety Excellence Awards   

Through participation in the ABC National Safety Excellence Awards (NSEA) and the Construction Users Round Table (CURT), ABC is proud to recognize companies who continually strive to maintain world-class safety training programs.

Learn more about the ABC National Safety Excellence Awards here.

To learn more about the CURT-CISE awards, please visit the CURT website at

ABC Safety Performance Report   

ABC’s groundbreaking Safety Performance Report is an annual analysis of STEP
participant data that documents the dramatic impact of using proactive safety
practices to reduce recordable incidents, making the best-performing companies 670
percent safer than the industry average. 

2018 Safety Performance Report

Safety Training   

ABC offers a variety of safety training opportunities through its 70 chapters nationwide.

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