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Introductory Webinar
"IDM the merit shop way"

These materials outline how the concepts of Inclusion, Diversity and Merit align with and support the Merit Shop philosophy.

The target audience for these materials is anyone who wants to learn more about IDM and the Merit Shop way.
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Introductory Workshop
“IDM at ABC”

This full-day workshop takes a deep dive into IDM at ABC and provides an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the various components of ABC’s IDM initiatives. The target audience for this workshop is anyone who is involved or interested in IDM initiatives in their organization.
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Core Sessions

With the content of “IDM the Merit Shop Way” materials and the “IDM at ABC” workshop as the foundation, core sessions explore practical aspects of implementing ABC’s IDM initiatives.

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Advanced and
Specialty Sessions

Advanced and specialty sessions are designed to build on and complement topics presented in the introductory and core sessions.

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ABC Stories and Best Practices Videos or Practice Guides

Based on actual experiences and practices of ABC member companies and the construction industry generally, these materials provide insights about and practical steps toward creating proven and effective practices in the areas of inclusion, diversity and merit.

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Toolbox and Table Talk Guides

These guides are designed for executives, managers, supervisors and craft instructors who will be leading discussions about IDM in the workplace. They include step-by-step approaches to introducing a topic, presenting key concepts, inviting discussion and summarizing learnings and practical applications.

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For those who want to learn more about a topic by reading articles, books or other written materials, a suggested reading list is available for selected topics.

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Practice Guides for Leading Indicators

Analogous to the STEP Safety Management System, leading indicators are part of the IDM Academy curriculum. Get information, insights and practical steps on how to achieve higher scores for each leading indicator.