ABC members care about their employees. Not only do they want to send them home safe at the end of the shift, they also want them to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the abundance life has to offer through their careers and beyond.

The Total Human Health Initiative encompasses multiple dimensions of health organized within four, simple and easy to remember categories: Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Total human health is focused on building a resilient workforce connected though relationships and engaged in performing construction work to a high standard of safety, quality and effectiveness.

Our workforce is our most important resource, highly skilled and ready to build the places where America lives, learns, works, heals, plays and prays. We cannot achieve anything without our workforce.

The driving imperative behind total human health in our labor-intensive industry is twofold:

Address the changing demographics of the workforce and the workforce shortage in the skilled trades.

Work to reduce the high suicide rate among construction workers.

Our success is directly dependent on the talent we attract and retain.

Total human health raises the bar of keeping workers safe. It goes beyond observable safety behavior. We must acknowledge the preoccupying concerns that everyone experiences in daily life, incorporating:

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