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The Construction Technology and Innovation Committee Launches ABC’s 2023 Tech Report! 

The Construction Technology and Innovation committee supports the ABC strategic goal of delivering technology thought leadership and value to a diverse and committed membership. The committee is directed to understand member needs for technology solutions, so that it can deploy the best resources possible to support the innovative needs of ABC’s members. The committee approves Tech Alliance membership, reviews Tech Marketplace requests and provides educational and informative resources for ABC members on technology.

This report gives real-life case studies from ABC members willing to give you a peek behind the curtain to see not only which technology they are adopting, but also the steps they took throughout the process. This is not a defined playbook, as there is no singular way to select and adopt new technology solutions. The critical takeaway is that there are multiple potential pathways, and it will be up to you to determine the best fit for your company based on your knowledge of the business and people. Focusing on the stakeholders as a guiding principle is essential, and the steps below will ensure you execute this effectively.

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Jack Hineman, Vice President of Business Intelligence, Gaylor Electric, and Chair of ABC Construction Technology and Innovation Committee

I started at Gaylor Electric in the information services department as the network administrator. My responsibility at that time was to optimize network connectivity between our users, offices and infrastructure. One fateful morning in the fall of 2016, my supervisor went to breakfast with the rest of Gaylor’s executive team. During that breakfast, our president and CEO, Chuck Goodrich, asked the team if Gaylor had the capacity to build a production bell curve. Seeing an opportunity to impress Chuck, my supervisor mentioned that I had the capability to deliver what our president was looking for. Immediately following breakfast, my supervisor came to my office to break the news. With a smile on his face, he said, “Well, I just told Chuck you could build a bell curve—so you better figure it out!” 

Take a look at the ABC 2022 Tech Report for a glimpse into some of the insights that we have been able to uncover. The committee has received great feedback on the report, and I personally have received some excellent feedback on my contribution with regard to Gaylor’s use of data. One question that I have received frequently is, “How do I get started?” The ABC 2023 Tech Report will provide valuable insights on the first steps.

Matt Abeles, Vice President, Construction Technology and Innovation, Associated Builders and Contractors

ABC continues to invest in helping our members not only select the best construction technology solutions for their business, through our Tech Alliance, Tech Marketplace and Tech Report, but also in making sure are members are educated on the latest technologies impacting their businesses. In the 2023 Tech Report, we show the construction industry how our members’ investment technology and innovation, which has led to more profits, safer jobs and more work, is strategically adopted and implemented to attain those results. The case studies and research in this report highlight construction companies of all sizes, and how they have successfully transformed their business with the proper technology choices, rollout strategies and leadership. ABC creates the conditions for construction companies to innovate, differentiate, attract and educate their top talent, ultimately to win and deliver their work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work. The 2023 ABC Tech Report was published by the ABC National Construction Technology and Innovation Committee and includes authored case studies from ABC members. This report was written by contractors and for contractors