2022 Tech Report Cover

The Construction Technology and Innovation Committee Is Seeking Case Studies for ABC’s 2023 Tech Report! 

ABC’s Construction Technology and Innovation Committee is seeking case studies for the 2023 ABC Tech Report. The 2022 report focused on construction technology solutions that are providing ABC members value on their projects. The 2023 report will focus on the challenges and success that members faced when implementing solutions and advice on how to overcome them to inform the entire ABC membership. Email [email protected] for more information.

Executing on ABC’s commitment to world-class performance on jobsites requires ABC member contractors to continuously innovate. To be a top performer in safety and win and deliver more work, contractors need to keep their fingers on the pulse of innovation. ABC provides its members numerous resources on technology and innovation to help them build the workforce of the future. This includes the 2022 Tech Report, the annual ABC Safety Performance Report, the Tech Alliance, construction technology education, the Tech Marketplace and more.

These tools provide leaders with a roadmap to understand how technology and innovation can help their businesses.


2021 Tech Report

Jack Hineman, Vice President of Business Intelligence, Gaylor Electric, and Chair of ABC Construction Technology and Innovation Committee

Over the past few years, I have presented on my role and findings as vice president of business intelligence at Gaylor Electric. Based on my experience during those presentations, I would guess that half of those reading this think I made that title up. However, that is my actual title! So, what does that mean? It means that I study our data and visualize it for our teams (I make graphs), and my mission is to uncover and communicate the stories in our data to eliminate emotion and propel data-driven decision-making.

Throughout the 2022 issue of the Tech Report, you will read case studies about various innovations within our industry and how our members are evolving. There is no arguing that the construction industry is advancing. We have made obvious leaps in regard to safety, drone scanning, GPS layout, modeling and more

But my area of expertise is data. And in terms of data, I would say that the construction industry has yet to evolve. I recently applied to speak at Tableau Conference (Tableau is a visual analytics platform now owned by Salesforce). As I was completing the application, I reached a dropdown box for “industry.” Despite construction being the second-largest industry in the world, I still had to choose “other” from the list of over 20 industries. How is it that construction is not on their list of industries?

Matt Abeles, Vice President, Construction Technology and Innovation, Associated Builders and Contractors

ABC continues to invest in helping our members find and select high-quality construction technology available to them through our Tech Alliance, Tech Marketplace and Tech Report.

In the 2022 Tech Report, we show the construction industry how our members’ commitment to technology and innovation has led to more profits, safer jobsites and more work.

The case studies in this report highlight how our members produce the most robust value proposition to their clients by highlighting the successes of a select few of our members and their commitment to innovation and technology. ABC creates the conditions for construction companies to innovate, differentiate, attract and educate their top talent, ultimately to win and deliver their work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work.