Volunteer Agreement

Nothing in the Agreement is intended to create any conflict between a volunteer’s activities for ABC and any obligations to his or her company or any legal requirements.

As a member of an ABC Committee for Associated Builders and Contractors, I hereby agree to:

  • • Represent the interests of ABC and observe fiduciary duties of loyalty, care and obedience to ABC bylaws and policies;
  • • Practice honesty and integrity,  exercise good conduct, observe high standards of business ethics and comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • • Not engage in actions that may constitute an actual, apparent or potential conflict of interest with the mission and activities of the association;
  • • Create a safe environment for ABC members and staff to raise concerns for investigation in good faith on a confidential and anonymous basis without consequence of retaliation;
  • • Not disclose or cause to be disclosed to anyone outside of ABC any confidential information related to ABC and;
  • • Not use any of the confidential information derived from my service in any way to the competitive harm or other detriment of ABC.



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ABC is here to help and provide support in any way as we navigate this crisis together. Please find ABC coronavirus resources for members as well as chapters operations: