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Protecting the Right to Organize Act


President Joe Biden continues to back and support provisions in the ABC-opposed Protecting the Right to Organize Act (H.R.20/S.567), which would violate workers’ free choice and privacy rights, force unions on employees who have voted against such representation, cost millions of American jobs and threaten vital supply chains.

On Feb. 28, 2023, congressional Democrats reintroduced the PRO Act in the 118th Congress. The ABC-led Coalition for a Democratic Workplace is leading opposition to the bill and will be sending a letter to all members of Congress urging them to oppose the legislation.

Desired Outcome

The PRO Act is a wish list of radical labor policies that would infringe on workers and employers’ rights, diminish opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners and devastate the economy.

ABC and the CDW are leading the fight against the PRO Act, engaging with key audiences to stop this attempt to implement radical labor policies. Visit to learn more and take action.

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