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Health Care


Providing quality health care benefits is a top priority for ABC and its member companies.

ABC advocates for policies that would ensure employer-sponsored coverage is strengthened and remains a viable, affordable option for millions of hardworking Americans and their families.

ABC, as a member of the Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage, encourages Congress to consider the following principles and priorities that are important for ensuring employment-based health coverage thrives:

  • Preserve and strengthen employer-sponsored health coverage;
  • Address medical costs and challenges to help keep coverage affordable;
  • Uphold the current tax-treatment of employer-sponsored coverage;
  • Provide employers with compliance relief from burdensome regulations governing health coverage; and
  • Promote innovations and diversity of plan designs and offerings for employees.

ABC will continue to oppose:

  • Federal government mandates that force employers to offer a certain level of health care coverage or be subject to penalties,
  • Government takeover of the health care system that would end employer-sponsored health care coverage and impose new tax mandates on employers and employees, and
  • Tax increases that could hinder reinvestment and job creation in the construction industry.

Desired Outcome

ABC looks forward to working with the 118th Congress in a bipartisan manner to develop and implement health care policies.

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