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Best Contracting Practices for Prefabricated Construction and How ConsensusDocs Can Help

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EST
Length: 60 minutes
Speaker(s): Ronald D. Ciotti, Hinckley Allen


Due to the hybrid process of prefabrication and modular building (combining manufacturing and construction services, with each governed by two different bodies of law), the prefabrication and modular industry has been left to use contract forms, such as purchase orders and traditional construction agreements, that do not fit.

Using the wrong contract leaves owners, general contractors and prefabricators/modular builders open to substantial risk! Now, ConsensusDocs has published a first-in-the-nation standard form contract document that properly addresses prefabrication and modular building. Learn about the two new standard documents that provide contractual best practices that fairly allocate risk to each party.


Ron Ciotti’s practice is focused on all aspects of the construction industry. He has substantial experience representing general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, prefabricators, modular builders, suppliers and owners/developers in construction-related matters, including all aspects of construction law, contractual disputes, lien work, bond claims, construction and design defect claims and bid disputes.

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