Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015
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Time: 2:00 p.m. (ET) / 1:00 p.m. (CT) / 12:00 p.m. (MT) / 11:00 a.m. (PT)
Length: 60 minutes
Fee: Free
Speaker: Michael Picone, LEED® AP ID+C, Google
   Hawkins Thomas, LEED® AP BD+C, HITT Construction Inc. 
Category: Training and Education  
The introduction of the newest iteration of the LEED rating system has left many people scratching their heads. As some may know, the LEED v3 project registration sunset date is approaching and quite rapidly. It’s safe to say that LEED v4 is here and it’s here to stay! As with anything new, there is always a learning curve associated.

The LEED v4 Lessons Learned webinar will cover what it takes to successfully take a project through this new rating system specifically highlighting the common pitfalls experienced from project managers from both an owner and general contractor perspective. We are pleased and excited to have presenters Michael Picone, LEED® AP ID+C (Team Design & Construction Integrator) at Google and Hawkins Thomas, LEED® AP BD+C (Manager of Sustainable Construction) at HITT Contracting share their stories. Allow Michael and Hawkins to pass their experiences along to you so that you may bring insight and understanding to your first or next LEED v4 project.

  • Bring an experienced and practical perspective to the LEED process
  • Provide LEED construction credit technical expertise
  • Bring awareness to the LEED certification program
  • Promote/expand sustainable leadership in construction industry
  • LEED knowledge transfer to those less conversant

Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Hawkins Thomas, LEED AP BD+C is Manager of Sustainable Construction at HITT Contracting Inc., Falls Church, VA. and has more than 5 years of experience in the sustainable construction industry. He has managed and contributed to over 11 million square feet of green building space including all LEED certification rating systems.

Michael Picone is a member of Google's Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) [e]Team. His work focuses on integrating Google's values around user experience, health, and sustainability into new design & construction projects in Google's global portfolio. Michael's previous experience in the industry has included the roles of general contractor, LEED Administrator, and owner's consultant. He earned his BA in Environmental Studies (Business Emphasis) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and is a LEED AP with an ID&C specialty