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Salting Abuse


“Salting” abuse is the intentional placement of trained union professional organizers and agents in a merit shop facility to harass and/or disrupt company operations, apply economic pressure, increase operating and legal costs and ultimately put the company out of business.

  • Legislation that would amend the National Labor Relations Act to make it clear that an employer is not required to hire any person who seeks a job primarily to organize employees or put nonunion companies out of business, or do both. This change would not infringe on any rights or protections otherwise afforded to employees under the NLRA. It would alleviate the legal pressures imposed on employers to hire individuals whose overriding purpose for seeking a job is to disrupt the workplace or otherwise inflict economic harm.

  • Union salting procedures that drive up costs for targeted merit shop construction companies. In defending themselves against false and frivolous charges, employers incur thousands of dollars in legal expenses, delays and lost work hours.


Salting is not merely an organizing tool—it has become an instrument of economic destruction aimed at nonunion companies. Unions send their agents into merit shop workplaces under the guise of seeking employment. Hiding behind the shield of the NLRA, these “salts” often try to destroy their employers or deliberately increase costs through various actions, including workplace sabotage and frivolous discrimination complaints with various agencies.

Frivolous salting charges cost companies significant time, money and resources, and prevent employers from hiring more employees, investing in better equipment and securing more work to grow the company and provide additional jobs in the community.

ABC will continue to work with the House Education and Labor Committee and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee to educate Congress about the detrimental impacts of union salting.

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