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ABC Election Briefing Series, powered by Free Enterprise Alliance

ABC Members Only

Join us for the ABC Election Briefing Series, powered by the Free Enterprise Alliance, as we provide insights on the nation's political landscape.

This series will feature political experts who will provide updates on the political environment, highlight key races, dive into regional focus areas, and much more.

The ABC Election Briefing Series is free of charge and reserved for ABC members only.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Melanie Pfeiffenberger for more information at or (202) 595-1813.

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FranklinCovey's 7 Habits Coach

Members can also sign up for FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits Coach 10-episode webcast series designed to help navigate real problems in challenging times. The series will be delivered daily for 10 days to help you:

  • • Focus on what you can influence when there is a lot out of your control.
  • • Get the skills to prioritize in the midst of overwhelming outside sources.
  • • Apply timeless principles to preserve relationships with family, friends and colleagues in times of stress.
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From Whiteboards to the Cloud: Why Contractors Are Choosing to Digitize Workforce Management

Construction Executive

Date: November 11, 2020 Register Now
Time: 2 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    TJ Baggett, Corna Kokosing; John Olofsson, DPR Construction; Ben Schultz, LaborChart
Moderator:    Maggie Murphy, ABC National


$280 billion of rework was caused by poor project data and miscommunication globally in 2018. Contractors are seeing that digital workforce management and mobile resource management (MRM) are the tools they need for connection in this moment and the future.

This webinar will feature innovative contractors who have successfully digitized their workforce management procedures and revamped their organization’s staff by moving to cloud-based management tools. By adopting these tools and protocols, contractors can enable efficient use of their workforces, increase accurate forecasting, improve project margins and experience a reduction in delays due to labor shortages.

In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • •  Why contractors should move workforce management processes from whiteboards to the cloud
  • •  Strategies for efficient modern workforce management
  • •  Diverse perspectives from contractors across the country and their unique approaches to workforce management
  • •  How proper use of workforce management can improve forecasting to bid competitively, win more jobs and increase ROI
  • •  How to centralize communications, scheduling and work requests
  • •  How workforce management apps can be used for contact tracing in the event of COVID-19
  • •  How to project and forecast future manpower commitments.

Utilizing Technology to Mitigate Risk During COVID-19 and Beyond

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Peter Grant, Safesite; Buddy Henley, Henley Construction Co. Inc.; Chris Jervey, StructionSite; Corey Rimmer, ARM, CRIS, RRE, CNA Insurance
Moderator: Matt Abeles, ABC National

ABC Members Only

As we navigate the increasing risks our industry faces as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to consider how to combat and mitigate the risk contractors face on today’s jobsite. Learn how contractors can employ innovative technology to lessen risk and increase profitability and certainty by joining a conversation featuring a member, a global insurance leader and leading technology providers who have been on the front lines supporting contractors during the pandemic.


Peter Grant
Peter Grant is founder and CEO of Safesite, a safety management app and reporting dashboard that helps companies make measurable improvements in performance. His experience working as a civil engineer in project management for large commercial contractors motivated him to use mobile technology to reduce preventable incidents and deaths: Safesite, which has grown into a robust safety management system. Read his safety insights on the Safesite blog.

Buddy Henley
Robert C. “Buddy” Henley, president of Henley Construction Co. Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland, began his term as ABC Mid-Atlantic Region vice chair in 2019. He has also served on the board of directors of the ABC Metro Washington Chapter since 2010. Henley joined Henley Construction, which was started by his father, Robert J. Henley, in 1964, after college, working his way up through the ranks as an estimator, project manager and vice president before becoming president in 2007.

Chris Jervey
Chris Jervey is the director of business development at StructionSite, which partners with many of the country’s largest builders, construction technology providers, AEC industry organizations and academic/training institutions. Jervey has 25 years of experience working in construction project management, sales and business development, and focuses on tools in the construction industry that create workflow efficiency and make complex work a little easier.

Corey Rimmer
Corey Rimmer, assistant vice president of the risk control construction segment, leads the direction, management and oversight of the risk control function within CNA’s construction business segment. With more than 18 years of experience in insurance risk control, Rimmer has served as a risk control consultant as well as risk control director, in which he worked to develop other risk control staff through coaching, mentoring and training.

Utilizing Data to Increase Profits

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Geoffrey Falk, Spectrum Construction Software; Jack Hineman, Gaylor Electric; Kiran Penaka, Viewpoint, a Trimble Company
Moderator: Matt Abeles, ABC National

ABC Members Only

Leaders from construction’s top data technology firms will join Jack Hineman, head of business intelligence at Gaylor Electric, to discuss strategies to win work and increase ROI with data. Hineman will discuss challenges the company faced and how data was used to gain insights in real time to ensure opportunities and profits were maximized. He will be joined by the tech leaders from Spectrum and Viewpoint to talk about how Gaylor and other leading construction companies use their products to extract, utilize, understand and use data to gain an advantage.


Jack Hineman, Vice President, Business Intelligence and Brand, Gaylor Electric
Jack Hineman joined the Gaylor Electric team in 2016 as the network administrator and quickly became a student of the company. By gaining a deep understanding of cost accounting, payroll, job cost and several other crucial areas of the business, he developed a passion for analyzing and organizing company data. In 2018, Hineman’s role evolved into a sole focus on business intelligence and analytics. In his role as vice president of business intelligence and brand, he uncovers new insights through advanced data analytics and uses them to develop the company’s brand and marketing tactics. His mission is to lead a data-driven culture within the organization while providing the means to effectively digest valuable insights that will assist Gaylor Electric in making more intentional business decisions.

Kiran Penaka, Product Manager, Analytics, Viewpoint, a Trimble Company
Kiran Penaka is the product manager for analytics at Viewpoint and has more than a decade of experience building and bringing effective data products to market. He crafts Viewpoint’s analytics strategy, which combines the best of technology, data and customer needs to execute on the product vision. Penakia earned a Master of Science degree in computer engineering and is based out of Portland, Oregon.

Geoffy Falk, Senior Product Manager, Spectrum Construction Software
Geoffy Falk, CPA, is a senior product manager for Spectrum Construction Software and is responsible for the product lifecycl, from strategic planning to successful release. He has more than 20 years’ experience in training, support, implementation and product management. He works closely with clients and industry leaders to keep abreast of new issues and trends in the construction industry.

Election 2020 and the Merit Shop: ABC’s Legal and Policy Forecast Conference

Date: Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 Register Now
Time: 12:45 p.m. EDT
Length: 4 hours, 45 minutes
Cost:    $200
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ABC Members and Chapter Staff Only

This is a must-attend virtual conference for ABC members, including merit shop labor attorneys and construction contractors, and ABC chapter presidents, government affairs directors and attorneys.

Join ABC leaders and industry legal and policy experts for a virtual conference as they share insights and analysis on the 2020 election results and their impact on legislative, regulatory and legal issues important to the merit shop contracting community. Hear how the elections will shape the future of labor and employment, workforce development, workplace safety and other issues affecting the construction industry. Learn how you can prepare your business for forthcoming challenges and opportunities.

Construction Executive’s 2021 Economic Forecast

Construction Executive

Date: December 16, 2020 Register Now
Time: 2 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Anirban Basu, ABC Chief Economist
Moderator:    Maggie Murphy, ABC National


Back to the Future: Industry Hopes for a Return to Normalcy

This presentation, themed as a tribute to 1980s movies, will focus upon the state of the economy nine months into the COVID-19-induced economic crisis. Special attention will be given to real estate and construction dynamics, labor market performance, state and local government finances, financial market performance, and other aspects of economic life. The presentation will conclude with an outlook for the year to come.

CE invites you to join Anirban Basu, chief economist for both ABC and CFMA, and known for his insightful and entertaining economic forecasts, as he speaks to our current economic circumstances, the changes since our Mid-Year Forecast in June and his expectations for the industry as it enters 2021.

Sign up for this 60 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes for live Q&A. You may submit questions in advance while registering for this webinar.


ABC is here to help and provide support in any way as we navigate this crisis together. Please find ABC coronavirus resources for members as well as chapters operations: