Tech and Innovation Logs (Tails)


By: Josef Burkart, Construction Technology and Innovation Manager, ABC National

Autodesk University 2023, held Nov. 13-15 in Las Vegas, was an exploration of the most critical topics related to how buildings and infrastructure are designed and made and how AI is going to revolutionize both processes. Below are highlights for ABC members:

  • The AEC Design Industry Forum brought together industry leaders to explore new solutions to the challenges faced by the industry, from talent gaps to materials shortages to climate events, and how digital transformation can help find new solutions. Nicolas Mangon, Autodesk vice president for architecture, engineering, and construction design strategy, was one of the speakers at the forum.
  • Learning sessions focused on projects platforms and products, extending the Autodesk Forma Ecosystem, soundscapes, green buildings to net-zero buildings, and data-driven design to create more sustainable projects.
  • The AU Theater featured short talks on pioneering projects and ideas that can change the industry. One of the talks was on revolutionizing AEC businesses with extended reality, which explored how XR is transforming the way AEC professionals work and providing a new understanding of how project data translates to human experience in the built environment at all phases of the project lifecycle.
  • The Design & Make Stage presented interesting construction technology solutions through live demos, thought leadership and educational use cases.

Top sessions included: 

  • XYZ Reality:
    • Beyond Blueprints: Engineering Grade Augmented Reality in Action.
  • Toric:
    • Automating Data Pipelines with Toric: Seamless Integration of Multiple Data Sources.
  • EarthCam:
    • See the Future of Construction with EarthCam AI and EarthCam 3D.
  • OpenSpace:
    • Building the Death Star with Reality Capture; an Alternate History.
  • Matterport:
    • Scaling Sustainably: How to minimize your carbon footprint with digital twins.
  • GCPay:
    • Discover Your Missing Link in Construction Accounting.
  • Intelliwave:
    • The future of BLE Sensors for Material, Tools, and Equipment Tracking in Construction.

Autodesk AI: With Autodesk AI, construction professionals can leverage technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to automate tedious tasks, analyze project data using Construction IQ, predict and prevent risks and improve the takeoff process using automated symbol detection. 

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