Tech and Innovation Logs (Tails)


Executive Report From ProEst: Automation is the application of technology to minimize or eliminate the need for human involvement in order to complete a task. Automation is hardly a new idea. After all, machines have been used to automate routine tasks for hundreds — even thousands — of years. While some experts credit the Greeks with the idea of “self-moving” machines, most see the industrial revolution and the rise of industrial machinery as the true beginning of automation as we know it. But there’s a lot more in store.

Not surprisingly, as technology platforms evolve, automation is following suit. Today, sophisticated robotics are found in virtually every industry, and digital programs are everywhere, from your car key to your doorbell. Even more impressive, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technological advances gain traction, more complex processes and procedures, including those that require refined judgment and decision-making, are increasingly likely candidates for automation.

What does that mean for the construction industry as a whole, and your company in particular? That digital automation is here to stay — and will only grow more capable and pervasive over time. In this Executive Insight report, ProEst explores three questions contractors should ask to determine their own preconstruction automation needs, an essential step in building and keeping a competitive advantage. Read More