Verfico Technology empowers businesses, particularly in commercial construction, by offering cutting-edge solutions that ensure wage protection, visibility and compliance in complex labor environments. Its dedicated team provides essential tools for accurately documenting and authenticating wage-related information, fostering transparency and accountability in the multitiered labor landscape. Positioned as a key partner, Verfico enables companies to strengthen operations, instill fair compensation practices and proactively address liability concerns.

Key benefits of Verfico include:

  • Employee visibility to track hours and wages, addressing discrepancies immediately.
  • Automating compliance with wage and hour laws to cut costs and minimize errors.
  • Transparent recordkeeping, preventing employers from altering wage information undetected.
  • Proactive addressment of wage theft risks using employer-agnostic insights from powerful data analytics.
  • Showcase of commitment to corporate responsibility and positive community impact with Verfico's data analytics.
  • Enhancement of reputations of owners and general contractors by ensuring that workers receive their earned wages.

Exclusive Benefit for ABC Members:

  • 10% off Verfico Technology solutions