Position Title:  Chapter President
Location:             Corpus Christi, TX

TO APPLY:  send resume to [email protected].

Basic Function

The President serves as the Chief Executive of the Association, responsible for recommending and participating in the formulation of new policies and implementing policies approved by the Board of Directors. This role involves providing support functions for the Officers and Board of Directors, which includes planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the staff, programs, and activities of the Association to ensure the attainment of the Board of Directors' objectives, fulfillment of plans, and meeting members' needs. The President is also responsible for maintaining fiscal balance within the parameters set by the Board of Directors and fostering effective internal and external relationships with stakeholders related to the Association. Through effective management and leadership, the President aims to achieve economical, productive performance, forward-looking programs, and constructive growth of the Association. Additionally, this role acts as the primary legislative counsel for the Association, in collaboration with any independent legislative coordinator appointed by the Board or Association. Other duties assigned by the Board of Directors must also be performed.

General Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all Association activities comply with Chapter bylaws and adhere to state and national policies. 
  • Execute the day-to-day operations of the Association in alignment with the directives of the Chairman and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Keep the Board of Directors fully informed about the Association's status.
  • Keep the Board of Directors informed about all national policy positions, proposed and ongoing programs, objectives, and event schedules.
  • Provide appropriate training to staff to ensure they can effectively implement Association policies and enable a smooth personnel progression.
  • Ensure that the President and other staff members work in the best interest of the general membership.
  • Maintain regular communication and personal contact between staff and membership to the greatest extent possible.
  • Manage the Association's finances, including annual budget preparation and long-range forecasts, ensuring appropriate safeguarding and administration of all funds, physical assets, and property.
  • Fulfill additional duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • Advise the Board of Directors regarding any apparent conflicts arising from the implementation of this job description.

Specific Duties Office & Staff:

  • Maintain suitable office facilities, supplies, and equipment to ensure efficient service to members and report the need for significant changes or additions to the Board of Directors.
  • Oversee office staff, including training and motivation, to ensure effective operations.
  • Cultivate an office environment that promotes continuity of operations.
  • Collaborate with the Chapter Chairman to recruit, interview, and recommend applicants for positions directly representing the Association to members and the public.
  • Define staff roles, set performance standards, conduct performance reviews, and maintain competitive salary structures for optimal staff utilization.
  • Visit the Rio Grande Valley office as needed to promote existing members and functions and guide efforts to attract new members.

Meetings, Conferences & Conventions:

  • Assist the nominating committee in providing candidates for the General Election.
  • Develop monthly Board of Directors meeting agendas in collaboration with the Chapter Chairman.
  • Orient new board members and committee chairpersons to Chapter functions.
  • Support planning, promotion, and implementation of social, seminar, and committee events.
  • Assist the Special Events committee in maximizing results from all sponsored events and promoting education programs.
  • Attend all Board meetings, Chapter functions, and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Make recommendations regarding Chapter involvement in ABC National and other relevant business, professional, and association programs or activities.
  • Coordinate attendance and activities at all ABC national events, maintaining communication among attending members.

Chapter Publications:

  • Ensure timely communication of ABC events and activities to the Board of Directors and Membership through various channels.
  • Coordinate efforts to publish informative weekly Construction Activity Reports.
  • Direct the compilation and editing of a professionally prepared Chapter Membership Directory.


  • Provide staff and assistance to committees as they fulfill their duties per Chapter Guidelines.
  • Monitor and support all ABC fundraisers.
  • Attend all Chapter Committee Meetings.

Personal Qualities

  • Maintain a basic knowledge of construction industry practices, laws, and ABC industry involvement.
  • Embrace and support the free enterprise system and the merit shop philosophy.
  • Maintain a professional appearance consistent with the Association's image at all times.
  • Exercise sound judgment, loyalty, honesty, and integrity in all ABC activities.
  • Display a positive personality and attitude.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage and motivate others.
  • Exhibit safe work and driving habits.
  • Pursue continuous personal and professional development.
  • Dedicate full-time effort to the well-being of the Association.


Office & Staff:

  • Implement office policies and procedures following accepted office practices.
  • Authorize the purchase of materials and supplies necessary for effective Association operations.
  • Approve payment of employee expense accounts incurred while serving the Association.
  • Establish performance standards, evaluate staff performance, and make recommendations for rewards.

Association Representative:

  • Represent the Texas Coastal Bend Chapter and its members' interests to ABC National in daily affairs and at Association events.
  • Foster effective relationships with other organizations, both public and private, to enhance the Association's position and its members' interests.
  • Attend Corpus Christi City Council meetings when topics may impact the construction industry.
  • Interface with CSC, CTC, AGC, and the Builder's Exchange.
  • Conduct wage surveys for BAT Training Programs upon request.
  • Assist in administering the chapter PAC and comply with State and National reporting requirements.
  • Attend ABC National, Region III, and ABC State meetings as directed and approved by the Board of Directors.