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Executive Report From ProEst: Like any business, a construction company looks for opportunities that will drive revenue and deliver the best possible business outcomes. Winning bids and running profitable jobs can make that happen, but only when people and processes work smoothly from initial proposal to final closeout. As most construction professionals will tell you, that’s easier said than done. Read More 

Executive Report From ProEst: Let’s face it, sometimes conventional “wisdom” is anything but. The construction industry is changing so fast that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to advances in technology. That’s why it may be time to let go of assumptions and learn the real truth about estimating in the cloud. Read More

Executive Report From ProEst: Executive Report From ProEst: Research shows that nearly 70% of all business initiatives that are focused on operational and process change fail to live up to their promises, mostly due to insufficient preparation and a lack of “cultural conditioning.” Simply put, if team members aren’t ready to embrace a new way of working, the best technology in the world won’t be effective — and what seemed like a wise investment becomes a waste of money instead. Read more

Executive Report From ProEst: The construction industry, like every other business sector, has its leaders — and its followers. Winning construction companies are typically better at applying innovative new practices and behaviors than those with an overly cautious "wait and see" attitude. Read More

Executive Report From ProEst: In this guide, we’ll identify the five steps your company should take to successfully transition to a digital estimating and pre-construction management solution—and hear from a few contractors who have embraced the cloud-based ProEst platform. By adopting a measured and sequential approach—and asking yourself key questions along the way—your move to a fully digital solution can deliver the long-term business benefits your company needs to succeed. Read More

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced the worldwide availability of Autodesk Takeoff, a new product that empowers estimators to perform 2D and 3D quantification workflows from a common data environment to increase collaboration, speed and accuracy during the estimation process. Read More

The past year accelerated the need for technology within the construction industry. What we are hearing now is that technology is factoring heavily into how our customers are approaching 2021 and beyond. Read More

Executive Report From ProEst: Today’s mobile devices are remarkable tools, offering the kind of advanced capabilities that can—and should—be leveraged for competitive advantage. In this Executive Insight report, we’ll take a closer look at how smartphones, tablets and other wireless communication devices are delivering important business benefits to construction companies of all sizes, and why it’s essential to make mobile capabilities your #1 business priority. Read More

In a business atmosphere that increasingly asks companies to do more with less, any potential business investment should be carefully evaluated for its ability to improve the bottom line. Now more than ever, decision-makers are in no position to allocate budget and resources and then passively wait to “see what happens” on the back end. Read More

Are you shopping for a shiny new app or are you looking for value? Construction companies, especially trade contractors, operate on razor-thin margins. More and more construction tech is hitting the market promising efficiencies and improved operations. How does a contractor quickly and effectively filter through the noise and find what’s right for their business?