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On September 16, 2020, a two-crane collision in Austin, Texas, injured 22 people, sending 16 to local hospitals for treatment. According to local reports, the crash—like so many construction accidents—was likely preventable. READ MORE

Most of us with any history in the construction industry know that Excel, in spite of its drawbacks, has long been a mainstay of project estimating. Learn five important reasons you should consider replacing Excel with a construction-specific estimating tool—and how leaving Excel behind can help your company achieve new levels of growth and profitability. READ MORE

How much is your team exposed to risk on the job? Not only does a safety risk assessment identify potential issues affecting the staff, but this assessment is important to help you see how safety risks impact your business. READ MORE

If your construction company is still relying on paper-based tools and processes for estimating and pre-construction, it’s time to make a change. Take a look at these seven important reasons you should consider moving to a cloud-based digital platform. READ MORE