ABC Cares Toolkit

The ABC Cares Toolkit offers resources to help promote your project and gain publicity for your efforts and for the charitable organizations you support. Whether you want to draw in volunteers to help with your event or gain media coverage for your company and the cause you are working for, these resources will give you an idea of where to start.


The ABC Cares log can be used on any promotional materials as well as materials used during events or projects. Make sure to let your community know that ABC members are behind these great volunteer projects. All chapters and members are encouraged to place the official ABC Cares logo on any signs, handouts, or other materials you may use throughout the volunteer process. This will brand your project as “ABC”.

ABC Cares Flyer

The ABC Cares flyer is used to promote the program and can be used before or during any event. The ABC Cares flyer, which is available for download, summarizes the ABC Cares program and can be easily distributed to members. Many construction companies are already involved in great volunteer projects but are unfamiliar with the ABC Cares program. Pass this along to them and help them get the recognition they deserve!

A media advisory is a one-page description of a future event or other news item that serves as a notification or invitation for coverage. If it is appropriate for the media to attend a community service event, a media advisory can be sent to reporters as an invitation to cover the event. The same media advisory should be sent out approximately one week before the event as a reminder.

Media Advisory SAMPLE
Media Advisory Template

A news release summarizes a story you would like the news media to cover. When preparing a news release, remember to include the date, time and location of the event; how many volunteers participated; the amount of money or time donated; what charity or organization is benefiting from this event and how it affects your community. In addition, the release must contain contact information from your chapter or company’s chief spokesperson.

News Release Sample
News Release Template