Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Christian Anderson, BuildOps; Joe Fawcett, Southwire; Jeff Gerardi, ProEst; Matt Hardy, Tri-City Electrical Contractors Inc.
Moderator:    Matt Abeles, ABC National


Get an inside look at the industry’s most innovative estimating and management tools available to today’s electrical contractors. Learn how you can best leverage these tools by joining a conversation featuring representatives from a leading manufacturer of electrical wire and cable, cutting-edge construction technology providers and an ABC contractor member on how they utilize digital tools to improve safety, efficiency and overall profitability.


Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson, vice president of business development at BuildOps, is an accomplished sales and business development leader with a passion for building strong teams and connecting people. His professional career has been primarily in field service, building software tools that meet the demands of modern contractors. He leverages partnerships with industry-leading organizations, as well as integration partners, to help contractors manage their businesses and keep operations under one roof.

Joe Fawcett
Joe Fawcett has 30 years of experience in the fields of construction, electrical contracting and education and serves as training instructor at Southwire, one of ABC’s strategic partners. Having previously worked as an electrician, foreman and a physics teacher during his career, he is committed to finding better ways to work, design and learn.

Jeff Gerardi
Jeff Gerardi is the owner, president and CEO of ProEst Estimating Software. Under Gerardi’s leadership, ProEst has grown into a thriving, cutting-edge technology firm that serves more than 8,000 contractors across the globe. His mission is to help ProEst become the absolute industry leader among construction estimating software solutions.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy is a senior construction executive with Tri-City Electrical Contractors Inc., ABC’s 2020 Contactor of the Year. With two decades of construction management experience, Hardy is adept at managing the full life cycle of construction projects from conception to completion and continuously assesses operations to identify opportunities to enhance safety, efficiency, service and profits. Hardy is a staunch advocate of prefabrication and utilizing technology to its fullest extent to improve process, speed and quality across all projects.