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Power Design and the Power of 1

Safety has been a top priority since Florida based national, full-service electrical contractor Power Design, Inc. was founded in 1989. Power Design’s commitment to safety includes its leadership role in Safety Week 2015 and OSHA’s National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction events earlier this year and has allowed the company to partner with top 100 general contractors as ranked by Engineering News-Record. A commitment to safety within the broader community has also led the company to launch a safety campaign that extends well beyond its 130 active projects.

The campaign focuses on the Power of 1: The power of one decision, one action, one united team, one saved life. It’s about how the decisions we make every day while driving a vehicle impact us, our families, our friends and the communities we belong to.

Statistics show that one text message read at 55 mph will cause the driver to be distracted for the length of an entire football field. One drink can slow your reaction time by 25 percent and one phone call while driving makes you four times more likely to crash.

“You’ve seen the numbers,” says Power Design’s CEO Mitch Permuy. “Now, let’s take action to not become a number. We each have the power to make safe driving decisions and save lives. Let’s all make the one decision to drive safer.

“Promise to drive safe and sober, and to protect the lives of others by encouraging your friends and family not to drive while distracted or impaired,” continues Permuy. “With today’s technology, the urge to respond to texts, calls, and social media has become so compelling that now we’ve become distracted, and unsafe driving begins.”

To drive the message home, Power Design has committed to donating $10,000 to the non-profit organization, End Distracted Driving, when 1,000 people sign the Safe Driving Pledge which can be found online. They are donating the money from their philanthropic department, Project V5, in which they collect scrap copper and metal from job sites to turn them in for cash used to help others.

(Power Design's mock car crash, marketing campaign and plane fly-over which all spread the message to demonstrate Power Of One)
“[The] campaign is a great example of how caring and committed companies can help lead the way,” says Joel Feldman, founder of End Distracted Driving. “I believe that we truly can change the attitudes and behaviors to decrease distracted driving.”

After a quick four weeks since the launch of Power Design’s #DecideToDrive campaign, they received more than 750 pledges, less than 300 shy of their goal. To help the company reach their goal, and  to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, follow the example of Power Design and take the pledge today.

Share the message with your employees, coworkers, family and friends: powerdesigninc.us/pledge/. Never leave driving to chance. One decision can change everything: That’s the Power of 1.
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