Solution Details:
- ABC discount: five free premium accounts
- Mobile app capability Y
- Work offline Y
- Deployment support Y. Safesite support will digitize and upload your inspection templates.


Solution Details:
- DroneDeploy enables companies within the construction, energy and agriculture industries to have a single-site reality capture solution for drones, 360-degree cameras and ground robotics. Visual data from DroneDeploy improves safety, streamlines the inspection workflow and allows teams to collaborate more quickly to take immediate action on issues and progress reporting.
- ABC discount: N
- Mobile app capability: DroneDeploy offers mobile applications for autonomous and manual flights for drone, or aerial, data collection through its DroneDeploy Flight App as well as a mobile application (DroneDeploy Walkthrough App) to collect ground-based 360-degree walkthrough data. The flight app is available for IOS and Android devices and the walkthrough app is available for IOS devices.
- Work offline: DroneDeploy supports offline flights and 360-degree walkthrough data collection. All collected data offline can be uploaded to the DroneDeploy platform with a Wi-Fi connection directly from the mobile application or manually by downloading the images from the SD card.
- Deployment support: Y


Supported STEP Components:

P7. Safety Inspections

P9. Recordkeeping and Documentation

Tips and Tricks

BBS programSupported Step Components:

C7. Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) (a process that informs management and employees of the overall safety of the workplace through safety observations. BBS is intended to focus workers' attention on their own and their peers' daily safety behavior.)

C1. Employee Participation
Digitizing Safety Management Supported Step Components:

P6. Toolbox Safety Talks (brief workplace safety training sessions (“talks”) that are conducted at the worksite. These safety talks are typically conducted by the site supervisor, foreman, safety supervisor, or senior employee.)

C1. Employee Participation (workers are involved in establishing, operating, evaluating, and improving the safety and health program)

P3. Emergency response/fire elimination plan
Good catch / hazard reporting program Supported Step Components:

C1. Employee Participation C1. Employee Participation.(Opportunities for employees to participate in safety processes, such as safety surveys, hazard reporting, incident investigation, safety instruction, toolbox talks, policy development, auditing, new hire mentoring, committees, job safety analysis development, pre-planning, etc.)

P9. Recordkeeping and Documentation (of all safety-related activities or policies)

L3. Safety Responsibilities (Defined for employees and specialty contractors, with expectations regarding hazard and injury reporting, PPE use, policy compliance and all aspects of the owner’s / GC’s safety program)
Incident / Near Miss reporting & investigation Supported Step Components:

P1. Incident investigation (process of a process of systematic collection and analysis of information relating to an incident that led to injury or property loss. Investigations are conducted to identify the root cause of an incident in an effort to make recommendations or take corrective actions to prevent the future occurrence of the same or a similar event.)

P9. Recordkeeping and Documentation

R1. Leading Indicators

R2. Trailing Indicators

Safety inspections, audits, digital forms and checklists Supported Step Components:

P7. Safety Inspections

P9. Recordkeeping and Documentation
Safety performance dashboard Supported Step Components:

R1. Leading Indicators (safety performance metrics that are pre-incident/injury related)

R2. Trailing Indicators (safety performance metrics that are post-incident/injury related)

L5. Safety Program Performance Review (recurring management review of safety program against defined performance criteria, with a focus on continuous process improvement)
Safety training content delivery Supported Step Components:

C6. Employee Safety Training

C8. Supervisor Safety Training

C5. New Hire Safety Orientation

P3. Emergency response/fire elimination plan
Track quals and training Supported Step Components:

P9. Recordkeeping and Documentation

C6. Employee Safety Training

C5. New Hire Safety Orientation

“In just one day, Safesite uploaded my monthly jobsite safety inspection sheets and my equipment inspection sheets. That helped me track all of that info much faster, and no more paper is a plus!”

—Tyler Jones, Director of Safety, Westmaas Electric

“Templates are downloadable, uploadable and buildable. There’s analysis and reporting for when inspections are completed and they’re also viewable in dashboard. Just a few clicks are needed to start an inspection report for a project; it’s simple and effective. I’d give it 3.5 stars for inspections. As a safety professional, I want the ability to design slightly more complicated inspection templates for more diverse KPI tracking and to report out as a third party to owners, project managers and subcontractors. It syncs offline to the dashboard. When back online, it offers weekly user/admin webinars with great customer service.”

—Marshall Pancoast, Walker Construction Inc.

“Safesite has helped us by growing safety engagement. Having the ability to customize inspection forms with comment boxes and pictures makes it easy for our superintendents to understand and follow with visual references.”

—Colin Boughner, Dan Vos Construction

Safety Inspections, Audits, Digital Forms and Checklists

Using safety inspection apps can save significant time by streamlining the gathering of data and preparation of reports. Easy-to-use safety inspection apps can actually encourage more proactive safety reporting. More time can be spent on improving safety and fixing problems and less on unproductive recordkeeping.