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WASHINGTON, June 17—Associated Builders and Contractors announced today that Greg Sizemore, ABC’s vice president of health, safety, environment and workforce development, has been appointed to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health. ACCSH provides the U.S. Department of Labor with guidance to improve workplace safety and health in the construction industry. 

“I’m honored to be appointed to the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health to continue to assess and advance safety conditions in the construction industry,” said Sizemore. “It is essential we send construction employees home in the same—or better—condition than when they arrive on the jobsite. And that work takes leadership, dedication and partnership from all facets of our industry. I’m looking forward to working in tandem with other committee members to raise the bar for safety in construction.”

In his role at ABC, Sizemore is a key liaison between the construction industry and the public sector on safety and workforce development initiatives. He oversees a network of 800 education programs and leads ABC’s health, safety, environment and workforce development initiatives. Sizemore is also responsible for ABC’s STEP safety management system, a benchmarking improvement tool that dramatically increases safety performance among participants by reducing recordable incidents by up to 85 percent, with the best-performing companies 680 percent safer than the industry average.

Sizemore has been appointed for a two-year term to represent U.S construction employers on the committee, which was established in 1987 to advise the assistant secretary for OSHA on setting construction standards and on policy matters arising in the administration of the safety and health provisions under the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.  

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