It’s always a good idea to take advantage of any opportunity to meet face to face with a legislator when he or she holds a town hall meeting or forum in the district, but it’s even better to organize a personal meeting or company event. With Congress on recess, now is an excellent time to schedule these events.  

ABC’s 2013 Congressional Recess Grassroots Toolkit contains information on how to accomplish this and much more.

Arranging a meeting:
  • Be considerate of the legislator’s schedule and time constraints.
  • Be prepared; while understanding political issues is important, personal experience is a powerful and persuasive asset.
  • Follow up the meeting with a written thank you note re-emphasizing the key points.
Planning a site visit: 
  • Invite a legislator to see the industry at work and to meet employees. This is a great way to show legislators how their actions impact ABC member businesses and their employees. 
  • Visit the ABC Action Center at to find local representatives.
Don’t forget to download the ABC Action app on iPhone or Android, which provides an easy avenue to respond to Action Alerts, communicate with federal representatives on policy and regulatory issues, stay up-to-date on critical issues, see how representatives voted, track Key Votes and share information via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.