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As the presenting sponsor of ABC's 34th annual Excellence in Construction® Awards, the ABC Insurance Trust embraces merit shop principles to highlight the pivotal role that healthy competition plays in improving the construction industry. The Trust’s innovative benefits enhance workforce well-being and make high-performing ABC member companies more appealing to top talent in a competitive market while delivering significant savings on healthcare and retirement plans.

The key components of the STEP Safety Management System work synergistically to build an effective safety culture. Explore how responsibilities, resources and rules can help you build better relationships and open lines of communication to improve employee safety and company profitability.

Identifying ways to support your workforce is one of the first, simplest steps to improve safety across your company. The industry is rapidly changing, and there are new technology and tools to make everyone safer. Top-performing contractors now utilize software and apps to review safety performance at the touch of a button.

Modern day top leadership engagement is continuing to trend away from the traditional command-and-control approach. Far from the “I think it, you do it” model, the total human health approach to top management is all about leadership—curious, engaged and relational. Safety isn’t left to chance or considered the responsibility of just the safety director; safety is managed and led just like every other operation in the company, from accounts receivable to customer experience.

Thinking about applying for your Accredited Quality Contractor credential to obtain national recognition for your commitment to corporate responsibility? Check out the series of short videos for tips and best practices for completing the AQC application.