Sam Cook, one of ABC’s “Leaders of the Century” and author of “Freedom in the Workplace,” which describes the history of ABC, passed away Oct. 30 in Baltimore, Md. He was 91 years old. 

“ABC’s thoughts are with Sam’s family as we all mourn of the loss of a great leader,” said ABC President and CEO Michael D. Bellaman. “Sam’s passion and dedication to defending ABC and the merit shop philosophy is truly unmatched.” 

Beginning in the 1960s, Cook served several decades as attorney for ABC National, as well as many ABC chapters and members. In that role, Cook was responsible for defending and advancing the merit shop philosophy during a period of unrelenting attacks on ABC’s existence. He contributed to ABC’s remarkable growth nationwide during those years, enabling the merit shop philosophy to become a dominant force in the construction industry. 

In retirement, his book on ABC was hailed as a serious and critical analysis of the victory of free enterprise over union autocracy. 

Cook also founded the labor law practice at Venable Baetjer and Howard and was a recognized dean of the bar representing management in all aspects of labor and employment law.  He was active in many civic and community affairs in Baltimore. 

He is survived by his wife Bernie Cook and two children. Memorial service arrangements in Baltimore have not yet been announced.