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New CDW Report Criticizes Electronic Voting in Union Elections

On July 12, the ABC-led Coalition for a Democratic Workplace issued a new report criticizing unions’ newest efforts to implement electronic voting in union representation elections.

The report, “Online Voting in Union Representation Elections: The Latest Attempt to Eliminate Workers’ Right to Secret Ballots,” analyzes the history of unions’ efforts to pursue electronic voting and card check and provides a look at the failed efforts by various entities and governments to implement online voting.

The report also highlights that implementing online voting would break with decades of National Labor Relations Board precedent, increase the risk of coercion and fraud in elections, present cybersecurity concerns and be a waste of the NLRB’s limited resources.

The report emphasizes the advantages of in-person voting, including higher voter turnout, protections for voter privacy and against fraud and the safeguards inherent in NLRB-supervised elections.

CDW’s statement on the report can be read here.


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