Five Ways the Metaverse Is Shaping the Future of Work

We believe the metaverse can transform learning and how people train for jobs, which is why we hosted the Future of Work Summit this week in Washington, D.C. Academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs and experts gathered to hear how immersive technologies READ MORE
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Trades Day: Industry Outreach Opportunity With Meaning

What if you could positively change the trajectory of a young person’s career forever?

Providing meaningful insights and information about opportunities could guide them down a path where achieving their dreams is possible. Would you do it?

ACE Mentor Program of America is offering a chance to do just that with their Trades Day events. Trades Day is meant to excite and introduce students to a variety of construction and building trades by giving them access to real-life, hands-on, interactive trade stations. The purpose of Trades Day is to introduce students to trades to expose them to the entire industry, not just a part of it.

Currently, ACE is seeking assistance from the industry to ensure affiliate locations receive what they need to make their Trades Day event a success. Involvement and support comes in a variety of different ways. Simply put, it could be providing a host site, sponsoring local activities, sending craft experts to be mentors or supplying personal protective equipment.

If this excites you, please complete this form identifying your top five location preferences, as well as who from your organization is the best contact to coordinate involvement.

The list of confirmed Trades Day locations and potential additional locations can be found here.


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