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NLRB Launches ‘Know Your Rights’ Card Series

On March 28, the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo launched the “Know Your Rights” card series to educate workers on their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

The Board issued two trifold cards to be used in the workplace. One card details protections for immigrant workers and the second highlights a union-represented employee’s right to request a representative and have them present during an interview that the employee reasonably believes could lead to discipline, otherwise known as Weingarten rights. In addition, the second card states that unrepresented employees don’t have a right to have a representative in these interviews under current law, but the NLRB may reinstate that right in a future case. ABC will continue to closely monitor any new case developments.

Further, the NLRB press release states that “the cards are designed to be printed, folded, and used by workers in the workplace. Additional cards in the series will be rolled out this year.”

For more information visit the NLRB website.



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