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Building and Construction Trades Announce Intent to Increase Union Presence in Gulf Coast

Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO (BCTD) President Sean McGarvey declared March 10 during an address to the BCTD 2014 Legislative Conference an intent to increase their involvement in the oil, gas and petro-chemical industries, particularly in the Gulf Coast region.

“Our determination to spread our idea of partnership and value, and to secure increased market share, is centered along the Gulf Coast,” said McGarvey. “We have set about to systematically demonstrate to the decision-makers in the oil, gas, petro-chemical and other growth industries that we have the desire, the ability, and the wherewithal, to become productive partners that deliver value to their bottom line concerns.”

McGarvey also signaled the BCTD’s intent to use their resources to help industrial owners address legislative and regulatory challenges that threaten the profitability of their facilities and touted the BCTD’s Gulf Coast master project labor agreement as a way to maximize their competitive position.

The BCTD also announced the opening of a new office in Houston, Texas. It is the organization’s first new office since the 1980s.


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