In the last five years, 87% of millennial employees took on management roles. By 2025, 75% of employees will be from the millennial generation. These numbers make it clear that retaining top talent is vital to the future of your business. But what does it take to keep Millennials around?

What do young professionals value?
While salary will always be a significant factor in selecting and staying at a job, other factors also play a big role in engaging your young professionals including:
  • Career development
  • Networking
  • Mentorships
  • Work-life balance
  • Feedback
  • Recognition
These benefits are key to employee engagement with the 88% of millennials who prefer a collaborative work culture rather than a competitive one.

What can you offer your young employees?
Generation Y (or generation “why”) is genuinely interested in improving work processes by providing their own, unique contributions while building their career path. A company that encourages them to learn and grow—and provides the resources to do so—are more likely to build a group of employees that don’t look for work elsewhere.

ABC is working to help your young professionals with their personal and professional development through the ABC National Young Professional Program’s new Peer Groups. These groups let young leaders from ABC member companies join groups of about six others with similar job roles to discuss industry trends and challenges. Then they can bring back that information to your office.

Learn more about ABC’s National Young Professional program, the Peer Groups and what keeps millennials engaged at or contact Donna Puglisi.