Koontz McCombs Construction, Ltd. was founded in 2000 as division of a large commercial real estate, leasing, and property management firm. Ranked as one of the top builders in the San Antonio, Texas area, Koontz McCombs is an $80 million general contractor with approximately 50 employees building commercial construction projects. 

Even though the contractor had streamlined project management activities by automating with software, the company faced challenges because with their original project management solution was not web-based. That system was cumbersome and expensive because it required T-1 lines at all locations in order to access project data.

Kimberly Maldonado, the company’s operations coordinator, says, “T-1 lines are not always available at raw jobsite locations and every time we moved a line, we were charged a significant fee and our 3-year contracts would start over.”

Koontz McCombs evaluated three web-based project management solutions and is now using ProContractor™ by Viewpoint Construction Project Management (CPM) solution to seamlessly manage all contract-related tasks via the web. . Providing the capability to securely view up-to-the-minute information – anytime, anywhere – ProContractor CPM enables Koontz McCombs to more efficiently and effectively manage their projects. 

Learn more about ProContractor by Viewpoint and watch the informative demo.