At the ABC Future Leaders Lab, construction industry young professionals will partner with Blake Cavignac, founder of Young Pro Elite, in a collaborative workshop focused on improving productivity, performance and industry leadership. Once complete, these ABC young leaders will have built lasting connections with fellow next-gen leaders of the merit shop and a powerful blueprint for personal success. 

Recognized as an expert on developing millennials into high performing leaders, CEOs and executives from around the country come to Blake when they need answers on how to effectively lead today's young professionals. 

Over the past ten years he has had the privilege of leading thousands of highly successful college students and young professionals through his development programs focused on personal branding, productivity, accountability and leadership. 
Due to this experience, prominent organizations are now calling on Blake to solve one of their biggest challenges: attracting, developing and retaining the top young talent in their industry. 

Unlike most conference workshops, the speaker will spend only 20 percent of each session lecturing at the front of the room, while the other 80 percent of the time will be devoted to exercise work, group collaboration and interaction.

View the full conference syllabus here.