Five Ways the Metaverse Is Shaping the Future of Work

We believe the metaverse can transform learning and how people train for jobs, which is why we hosted the Future of Work Summit this week in Washington, D.C. Academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs and experts gathered to hear how immersive technologies READ MORE
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ABC Tells Fox Business Tax Reform Will Spur Construction Hiring

Any additional dollar that can stay in a construction company's cash flow can be invested in hiring and retaining talented workers. That was one of the messages ABC President and CEO Mike Bellaman conveyed this week during two live Fox Business Network appearances, as the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled a bill that reforms the tax code. 

In voicing his support for tax reform legislation hours before the bill became public, Bellaman told "FBN:am" viewers on Nov. 2 that he hoped the bill addresses the small business tax, as 99 percent of construction companies employ less than 100 people. The following day, after reading the bill, Bellaman told "Varney & Co." he supports the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for its positive impact on the construction industry. "The workforce is going to get a good break. They're getting another dollar in their paycheck," Bellaman said. 


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