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ABC’s 2016 National Craft Championships gold medalists were honored before an audience of more than 40,000 at a July 1 baseball game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. 

Before the game, the champions and their families were given all-access passes to the field and were able to watch batting practice, followed by a picnic hosted by ABC in the fairgrounds just outside the stadium.

As spectators filed into the stadium, the champions stood on the field while their names were announced over the public address system—recognizing them, their companies and their NCC gold medals during the pre-game ceremony. The NCC gold medalists in attendance included:

  • Jonathan Christenberry, Gaylor Electric Inc., electrical competition gold medalist, sponsored by Gaylor Electric Inc;
  • Nathaniel Lee, Cox Fire Protection, fire sprinkler gold medalist, sponsored by ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter;
  • James Lamonte, Collier's Heating and Air Conditioning, HVAC gold medalist, sponsored by ABC of Indiana/Kentucky;
  • Jacob Nelson, Iowa Insulation Inc., insulation gold medalist, sponsored by ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship & Training Trust;
  • Douglas Thompson, Cianbro, millwright gold medalist, sponsored by Cianbro;
  • Paul Bryan, MW Mielke Inc., pipefitting gold medalist, sponsored by MW Mielke, Inc.;
  • Travis Greenway, Worth & Co. Inc., plumbinggold medalist, sponsored byWorth & Company Inc;
  • Will Price, Frye Builders & Associates, carpentry team gold medalist, sponsored by ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship & Training Trust;
  • Andrew Nelson, Iowa Insulation, insulation team gold medalist, sponsored by ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship & Training Trust;
  • Lindsey Irvine, JV Industrial Cos., pipe weldinggold medalist, sponsored by JV Industrial Companies; and
  • John Luppacchino, Gaylor Electric Inc., Craft Instructor of the Year.

Following the pre-game ceremony, Jonathan Christenberry threw out the first pitch while Paul Bryan delivered the line-up card to the umpires at home plate. Then John Luppacchino kicked off the game by making the “play ball” announcement before the first inning. The champions were able to watch the rest of the game from a suite sponsored by Acton Mobile.

The game ended in a 3-2 Washington Nationals win over the Cincinnati Reds with a walk-off double in the 14th inning.