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The modern construction jobsite office (or trailer) is evolving every day. The old days where a field superintendent rents a small connection box with a roll-up door for tool access and a small corner desk are gone. The status quo today appears to be a 40 by 10 ft. mobile trailer with a bathroom and office space at each end, fully equipped with the latest gadgets.

To fully optimize these new field office trailers, construction companies need to:

1. Set up WIFI access
Field office trailers should be set up with a WIFI hotspot connection and a large flat panel monitor(s). If construction companies want to join the digital age, they need to provide access to their specially trades to access the internet and cloud storage sites.

2. Pick a cloud solution
To improve the plan distribution process to each specialty contractor, moving to a cloud platform will improve the distribution and collaboration aspects of document control. By moving to a cloud-based system, construction teams can improve document control, versioning and collaboration. There are several great options out there such as Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Drive, and Onedrive.

3. Purchase a tablet
To utilize a cloud platform you will need a mobile device to use in the field. To make this system work, each supervisor in charge of a crew should have access to the right tools including a tablet, Internet access and a link to the cloud platform. With these items in place, any team member on a project will be connected to the most up-to-date set of plans and documents. By having access to the most current set of project documents, each part of the team is now set up to succeed on their project.

For more information on using mobile devices on the jobsite, the following webinars are archived on ABC’s website for your use (login required):

In addition, The Construction App Guru blog covers all things digital in the construction industry. Visit the blog to get more information on specific apps, mobile solutions and technology trends.